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14 College Food Fails via Twitter

These people need a little more Spoon in their lives.

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14 College Food Fails via Twitter

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

For those who thought eating in college would be a cinch; for those who thought that cooking would be so much fun; and for those who thought the saying, “Thou shalt eat ramen for days on end” was a joke—Spoon is here to give you a hug and stroke your formerly naïve head. For a lot of us, college is the first time we have to make or scavenge for our own food, which often times ends in disaster. Even the dining halls are not to be trusted. Simply, they can be horrendous if you don’t know how to navigate. But Spoon is here to help all college students, because we’re for the students, by the students.

Take note of these tweets and our helpful hints to avoid common (or downright awful) dining hall pitfalls.

1. Ramen colon cancer


While the debate of developing cancer from ramen is still out there, consider changing things up and try out this healthy rapini noodle bowl.

2. Shark week in the dining hall


We’re asking the same question… Shark fin soup is bad enough, but faux? Bust open a can of reliable clam chowder, one of the staple comfort foods you should always keep at college.

3. Processed food nightmare


Say goodbye to your fallback, pre-packaged meals and hello to the salad bar. We promise it’s not that scary or unsatisfying if you follow these dining hall hacks.

4. Breakfast of losers.


Scrambled eggs and questionably “oven-toasted” Bagel Bites. Oh, the envy is all ours—but can it compare to our breakfast frittata muffins?

5. Food poison drama.


Girl, we are sorry and we feel for you. #feels. Follow these tips to avoid food poisoning in your own kitchen.

6. You aren’t what you eat.


When food gets questionable, or unidentifiable, make it yourself. This dining hall bruschetta is impressive, yet ingenious.

7. #YOLO?


Seriously though, you do only live once, so whip up this upside down cinnamon French toast from simple ingredients instead of settling for bad, bland food. (Psst. It tastes like Cinnabon.)

8. Bugs life


Oh, now that’s just flat-out gross.

9. Bugs life, the sequel


Maybe they were trying to add in some extra protein? We would rather go the more conventional route with these high-packed protein foods, thanks.

10. Peanut butter overload


It can be hard to be creative with very few resources in the dining halls, but if it’s available, we always turn to the king of everyone’s cuisine: bacon. Try this peanut butter bacon sandwich the next time you find yourself making a PB sandwich.

11. Bacon scraps on scraps


Again, no one can go wrong with bacon. Change up your bacon game in the dining hall and make the best BLT you’ll ever eat (for real). #baconlove #bacon4lyfe

12. Blue bread


It’s safe to say that this is probably no longer edible, but figure out which foods you can still eat even when they start growing fur.

13. Bathroom problems


Whether you are backed up, or not, due to dining hall food, learn about the pros and cons of juice cleanses to give your system a much needed boost.

14. We love you, mom


There’s no place like home. But since you can’t go home during midterms, here are some of our favorite, chef-worthy recipes to ease the homesickness and 100% Spoon approved: vegetarian chili and lemon and garlic Swiss chard.



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